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The Hoffmann Ball and Roller Bearings Manufacturing Company was founded in Chelmsford, England in 1898.


The hoffmanns Bearings factory


The company rapidly expanded and soon achieved worldwide fame for quality, Hoffmann quickly became market leaders in the design and production of ball and roller bearings for industrial, aircraft and automotive applications.


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Hoffmann Ball Bearings-Bore Size Information

With bore sizes from 1/4 of an Inch right up to 15 Inches, and with Metric sizes from 1mm bore through to 200mm, as standard production, Hoffmann Ball Bearings covered industry needs for bearings with Extra Light, Light, Medium and Heavy load ratings.


Range Of Hoffmann Roller Bearings

The range of Hoffmann Roller Bearings is equally comprehensive with 1/4 Inch Bore through to 15 Inches and 10mm Bore through to 200mm available as standard production sizes. Heavy industry such as Mining, Steel Production, Drilling and Excavating are covered. Many of the larger sized Roller Bearings are available with Brass Cages.


Hoffmann Automotive Bearings

Since the early 1900s when cars were first manufactured in England Hoffmann supplied all the major manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Austin, Riley and many more. For many car manufacturers Hoffmann were the bearings of choice for the Front and Rear Axles, Gearbox and Engine.


Hoffmann Special Bearings

From the very beginning the Hoffmann Manufacturing Company was willing and able to manufacture "Special" bearings exclusively designed for their customers exact requirements. Usually prefixed with the letter "N", these bearings became a sizeable percentage of the overall product range being many hundreds in number.


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